Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is it!! Finally after several weeks of eliminating the less talented, we got to Lee and Crystal!! Both could have been this years IDOL so hats off to each of them!

Wednesday's American Idol Final began with Alice Cooper singing "Schools Out". Then Chris Allen, last year's Idol winner sang his new cd "The Truth".

Nine Seasons of Simon's video clip were entertaining.

Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly began a duet of "How Deep Is Your Love" and were joined by the BeeGee's. They sounded great.

Big Mike Lynche took the stage with "Take Me To The Streets" joined by Michael McDonald.

Dane Cook did a bit on Simon's greatest insults and was joined by some of the insulted contestants including one who wouldn't give up the mic so they cut to a commercial.

The top 6 girls joined in with "I Am Beautiful" and then Christina Aguilera entered and sang her new song from her Bionic CD called "You Lost Me". Wow she was terrific.

Ricky Gervais paid tribute to his dear friend Simon with some witty comments regarding Simons ton of money.
The final 6 guys sang "I Can't Go For That" and "Maneater" and that brought Daryl Hall & John Oates singing "You Make My Dreams". These dudes are as good as ever.

Crystal was joined by Alanis Morrisette and sang "You Oughta Know"and they both bounced around the stage singing the duet.

Carrie Underwood sang her new CD " Undo It" with a great group backing her up. It will be another hit for Carrie.

Then a surprise as Casey James started his guitar and sang "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and Bret Michaels, still recovering for his medical problems, joined Casey and these two dudes were "HOT".

Lee got a chance to accompany "Chicago" in a medoly of their hits. Lee might join "Chicago" at Charter One on Lake Michigan in July.

Another bit on Simon and himself in a mirror, kissing it.

Now my favorite old man, General Larry Platt with "Pants On The Ground", he was great!!

Paula Abdul took the stage and paid tribute to Simon and blew him a kiss and told him "to sir with love". Paula will be staring in a new sitcom later this year on Lifetime called "Drop Dead Dive". Several former American Idol winners took the stage and sang "Together We Are One" and Ryan asked Simon to join them on stage. Simon thanked several people and said he was nervous but stated that American Idol will find a judge and go on because the real judge is the viewers.

Janet Jackson, with a laser show backing her, performed "Trust In Me" and a song titled (I think) " Nasty Boys". She sure looks and acts like Michael.

Finally Crystal and Lee sang " With A Little Help From My Friend" and were joined by the legendary Woodstock survivor "Joe Cocker". Just perfect for Lee and Crystal.

Ryan brought Lee and Crystal together in the middle of the stage and announced the winner LEE DEWYZE AMERICAN IDOL 2010.
Well, thats a wrap. I hope there is a American Idol 2011. We'll see.

Side note "Daughtry " Thursday night at the Sears Centre.