Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol Top 5

Tuesday night's Idol was mentored and arrangements by Harry Connick, Jr. based on the Great Frank Sinatra music. My opinion was, this music was a bad choice for all IDOL contestants even with Harry trying to add to each performance. It was just not TODAY!
So much for the theme selection. Here's each of the last 5 contestants:

Aaron Kelly sang "Fly Me To The Moon." It was ok but this guy has no stage presence at all. Guess the "Tiny Boopers" may save him.

Casey James sang "Blue Skies." YUCK!! My dog howled the whole time. Casey started off key and stayed off key. He can't sing with an orchestra behind him and I think he is gone.

Crystal Bowersox brought "Summer Wind" to a blues cafe. Kara commented that Crystal did a good job with the phrasing but overall it was just ok. I thought the big flower tattoo on her back didn't fit the dress.

Big Mike Lynche singing "The Way You Look Tonight" to his wife brought good comments from all the judges. Mike is really confortable on stage.

Lee DeWyze rocked the house with his singing of "That's Life." Judges all agreed Lee was the best and has a great shot at winning it all.

Bottom 3; Aaron, Casey, and Crystal. Casey goes byebye !!

Harry sings tomorrow night along with the one and only LADY GAGA!! This should be quite interesting. See you tomorrow night!!