Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alan Jackson's Freight Train Tour with Chris Young & Josh Turner Concert

Saturday night it was Chris Young, Josh Turner,and Alan Jackson with Alan's Freight Train Tour at the Allstate. Great concert. Just another terrific concert.

First, here were my neighbors for the night. Joe & Carol great country fans who just got back from 5 days in Nashville.

And a happy family from US99.

Ok now to Chris Young who opened the concert and got the fans whooping it up.

Then it was one of my favorite's--JOSH TURNER!!
And here's "The Rockin' Old Man" with Josh.

Here's a short video of "One Women Man" (you might notice in the video's Josh is always on the stool because he sprained his ankle playing basketball the day before with Chris Young.)

(click on each video to play)

And then Josh sang "Firecracker."

And then it was Alan Jackson's turn. But first a picture with "The Rockin'Old Man."

And Alan singing "Livin' On Love."

"Small Town Southern Man"

"It's Just That Way"

Visit Josh's web at and Alan's web at

And a special thanks to Pam and US99 the best country station in the USA. And to Joe and Carol who sent me this picture.